Working women not in a hurry to have kids: surveyWorking women not in a hurry to have kids: survey


TAIPEI–More than half of Taiwan’s female office workers will not consider having children within the next three years, mainly because of economic reasons or not being able to find the right man, a survey by an online human resources agency has found.

The results of the 1111 Job Bank survey, released yesterday, showed that 50.4 percent of female office workers aged 25-35 who responded to the poll said they were not planning to have a child in the next three years. Asked why, 44.09 percent said economic pressures made it hard for them to have children, 40.48 percent said they couldn’t find the right man, and 24.86 percent said they were happy with their present situation and did not want to have children. The survey was conducted by the job bank among women with and without children aged 25-35 between March 16 and 30. A total of 627 valid samples were collected.