Samsung confident over cheaper smartphone sales


TAIPEI–Samsung Electronics Co. of South Korea said yesterday that it will remain the top vendor of mid-range and entry-level smartphones in Taiwan this year as the market segment continues to grow.

Sales of mid-range and entry-level smartphones in Taiwan, which refer to models priced at under NT$11,000 (US$373), accounted for 33 percent of the country’s total smartphone sales as of February, according to a survey by Samsung.

However, the ratio is expected to rise to 40 percent by the end of this year, while the ratio of high-end models priced at over NT$15,000 will drop to 50 percent from the current 57 percent, the company said.

“We expect more and more young consumers to switch from feature phones to smartphones, and they may want to spend less money to buy a smartphone,” said Andy Tu, general manager of the Samsung Taiwan mobile communication team.