Chunghua farm’s pigs do not have disease: officials


TAIPEI–The animal disease authority in Changhua confirmed yesterday that pigs on a farm in the central county were found to have non-vaccine induced antibodies against foot and mouth disease, but said the animals were not sick.

Responding to media reports of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease on the farm, the Changhua Animal Disease Control Center said it had tested all 3,000-plus pigs on the farm but found no infections by the virus.

The center said, however, it has issued an alert for the disease and has banned the shipment of pigs to and from the farm in Erlin Township. It appeared that the animals had been exposed to the virus at some point and had therefore developed antibodies to it, said the center’s director Kuo Chou che.

It is the second time this year that a foot and mouth disease scare has hit Taiwan’s pig farming industry.