Workers on unpaid leave fall by 26.7 percent: gov’t


TAIPEI — The number of workers in Taiwan on unpaid leave has dropped by 26.7 percent to 3,433 over the past two weeks, the Council of Labor Affairs said yesterday.

As of mid-April, 36 companies had reached agreements with their employers on unpaid leave, with 3,433 workers currently on furlough, the latest statistics from the council show.

The figure represented a decrease from the end of March, when 4,682 workers from 39 companies had agreed to take unpaid leave and 3,960 of them were on furlough.

The April figure shows more than a 50 percent drop in the number of furloughed workers since the end of February. The figures on furloughed workers are released on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Meanwhile, the labor council said that as of mid-April, 1,485 workers from 19 companies had signed up for a program to retrain furloughed workers. These workers receive NT$100 (US$3.39) for each hour spent in the training program.

The program, which began last October, provides training subsidies for employees whose work hours have fallen by 16 hours or more per fortnight.