Former minister indicted in Taiwan for US killing


TAIPEI — The Taipei District Prosecutors Office on Friday indicted a former minister for the 1991 killing of a man whom he suspected of having an affair with his wife while in the United States.

Samuel Chi, the former pastor of the Evangelical Formosan Church in California, suspected that Shinn-Der Yu, a deacon in his congregation, was having an affair with his wife and other women in the same congregation.

During a heated argument, Chi killed Yu with a hatchet on July 3, 1991. He later called the police and confessed to the murder.

Chi was repatriated back to Taiwan last June after serving 19 years and four months in a Californian prison.

According to prosecutors, the Republic of China’s Criminal Code stipulates that if a national commits a crime overseas that results in a sentence of over three years, the person must face the law after serving his time overseas.

They added, however, that although Chi had been indicted, they had suggested to the court that it deduct all or part of the time already served by Chi in the U.S. when handing out a ruling.

Chi, who studied at the Taiwan Theological College and Seminary and holds a master degree from a theological seminary in New York, wrote a book during his incarceration, detailing his deep remorse for committing such a heinous crime.