Ma’s disapproval rating increases to 62.5%: poll


TAIPEI–President Ma Ying-jeou’s disapproval rating rose to 62.5 percent in April, and 44 percent of local voters feel they chose the wrong candidate in the 2012 presidential election, according to a recent poll conducted by a local think tank.

Ma’s disapproval rating increased from 49.7 percent in March to 62.5 percent, and his approval rating dropped 12.5 percentage points to 26 percent, according to poll results released by Taiwan Thinktank.

In addition, 41.6 of respondents believed Ma’s policies are headed in the wrong direction, compared with 37 percent who felt they were moving in the right direction.

Some 44.1 percent of respondents said they voted for the wrong presidential candidate on Jan. 14, slightly higher than the 43.5 percent who said they made the right choice.

That translates to about 16.9 percent of those polled who voted for Ma now believing they voted for the wrong person, the think tank said.

In the same poll, the disapproval rating for Premier Sean Chen went up to 51 percent in April from 39.5 percent in March. Chen was sworn in Feb. 6.