Opposition party aide on leave after scandal

By Enru Lin

The China Post–Taipei City Police charged a top aide in the Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) camp with an “Offense Against the Family” (妨害家庭罪) just two days before the first Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chairmanship debate.

Su said yesterday that he is giving aide Lee Hou-ching (李厚慶) time to “put aside work” and “return home.” According to another aide who asked not to be named, Su has told his campaign team that Lee is currently “in a state of extended leave.” Late Friday, Lee told his wife over telephone that he needed to stay overnight on the campaign trail in Changhua for “the boss (Su).” Lee’s wife then contacted the Su office and mutual friends. She was told that Lee was not in Changhua with Su’s campaign team, but rather at the home of Pai Shu-hua (白舒樺), a Taipei news anchor. Suspecting adultery, Lee’s wife reported her husband to the police for an “Offense Against the Family” (妨害家庭罪), a felony offense possibly subject to a jail term. Backed by a unit from the Neihu Police Precinct (內湖警分局), Lee’s wife entered Pai’s home. Lee and Pai were found fully clothed, but were detained at the station for questioning. Pai denied the charge via text message on Saturday. “The relationship between me and Mr. Lee Hou-ching is entirely one between coworkers and friends. I deeply regret the misunderstanding of Mrs. Lee,” wrote Pai. “I retain the right to legal recourse if her false accusations and harassment do not cease,” she continued. As of press time, Lee’s wife had not dropped the charge. Lee is an “exemplary young man” who is deeply invested in his career, said Su, accepting media questions on Lee yesterday in Greater Kaohsiung. “Still, family is most important,” said Su. “I am allowing (Lee) to put aside his work and return home to face the matter squarely, to handle the matter with wisdom.” Chai Trong-rong (蔡同榮), who is also seeking the DPP chairman position, said yesterday that the “Lee matter” is private. His personal remarks on Lee would be “unfair to Su Tseng Chang” because Lee is Su’s aide, said Chai.