Fishing boat escorted home after captain reports threat


KAOHSIUNG–A Taiwanese fishing boat, Yu Fu Chuen No.1, returned to Kaohsiung Port under Coast Guard escort Sunday after the captain called for help, saying one of the crewmembers was threatening him.

The fisherman’s association in Donggang, Pingtung County where the boat is registered said it received a call Wednesday from the captain, surnamed Tsai, who reported that one of the Philippine workers had threatened to kill him.

Tsai said the threat was made after he intervened in a quarrel between two of the seven crew members, all Philippine nationals. The vessel was located 17 degrees north and 127 degrees east in the Philippine waters at the time, Tsai said. The Coast Guard Administration said it dispatched a vessel that got to the fishing boat Thursday night and found that Tsai had locked himself in the cabin after the incident.