HTC Corp. absolves liability after contract worker’s death


TAIPEI–The death of a contract worker at HTC Corp.’s global headquarters was not the result of a factory accident, the Taiwanese smartphone maker said after the accident on Saturday.

“The police have ruled out the possibility of an electric shock and said the cause of death was a myocardial infraction,” HTC officials said in a statement.

The company expressed its regret regarding the worker’s death and said it would cooperate with police and investigators who are looking into the incident.

About 4 p.m. on Saturday, a 42-year-old contract worker, surnamed Yen, was found unconscious at HTC headquarters in Taoyuan where he was carrying out hardware maintenance on electric cables, local media reported. The Fire Bureau of Taoyuan County said the worker displayed no signs of life when he was transported to a local hospital, with traces of burns on his hands, according to the media.