CIB catches kidnappers, seizes cache of arms

The China Post news staff

Agents of the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) have helped arrest three suspects who allegedly staged a fake car accident to abduct a woman for ransom in southern Tainan. Agents also uncovered a large cache of weapons and ammunitions in a separate case in northern Keelung City. Officials at the CIB under the National Police Agency said a male motorist surnamed Wu, with a female passenger surnamed Chen, was waiting at traffic lights in the evening of April 12 in Tainan City. Wu’s car was suddenly hit in the rear by another vehicle. When he got out to check the accident, three hooded men took the woman away and demanded a ransom of NT$2 million. Chen was freed after Wu paid the ransom. CIB agents teamed up with Tainan police to zero in on the three suspects after examining evidence provided by residents and images taken by surveillance cameras in the area. They arrested the three suspects, one surnamed Chen and two surnamed Lee, at three separate apartments on Thursday. Two pistols and two pairs of handcuffs were also confiscated from the crime scene. Separately, another team of CIB agents cooperated with police in Keelung to find a briefcase containing one shotgun, five handguns and 158 rounds of bullets at a storage room of a bowling alley in Keelung after receiving a tip-off. The manager of the bowling alley said a customer surnamed Hsu had asked to temporarily leave the briefcase in the storage room of the basement. Hsu, a former gangster with criminal records, told CIB officials that the weapons and bullets belonged to another friend and he kept them in the basement because he thought it would be inappropriate to place them at his own home. It’s unclear if the ransom money has been recovered. The bureau officials said they will continue investigating if Hsu was involved in other possible crimes in addition to illegally possessing arms.