Moon set to look ‘super’ as it nears Earth tonight


TAIPEI–Sunday’s full moon, which will appear larger than normal due to its closeness to Earth, does not pose any threat, the Taipei Astronomical Museum said Saturday amid speculation that the “supermoon” may cause natural disasters.

“There is no scientific link between a lunar effect and natural disasters,” stated museum researcher Lee Fu-lung.

In March last year, many people expressed concern that a “supermoon” could be related to natural disasters because one was visible March 20, shortly after a massive earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.

Sunday’s full moon will be 356,955 kilometers away from Earth, making it closer to our planet than at any other time this year and appear at least 14 percent bigger than usual, hence the term “supermoon,” Lee added.

The moon will be at its closest to Earth and in its fullest phase at 11:35 a.m. Sunday (Taiwan time), making the lunar phenomenon visible after sunset that day.