Chen to vie for 3rd win in Texas Rangers match


TAIPEI–Taiwanese Major League Baseball pitcher Wei-yin Chen is hoping for his third career win in a game against the Texas Rangers scheduled for May 10 Taipei time.

Both the MLB and the Baltimore Orioles official websites announced Sunday that Chen will be the Orioles’ starting pitcher in the game. The Orioles will play four games against the Rangers between May 8-11, and it is expected that the 26-year-old Chen will face a tough game against the Texas team. The Rangers are the top ranking National League West team this season, having won 18 games and lost nine.

The Texas team also boasts some of the highest batting statistics compared with the national average, having scored 274 hits this season with a batting average of 0.288 and a slugging percentage of 0.464.

Colby Lewis, who will be the Rangers starting pitcher in the May 10 game, is a seasoned veteran who has played against the Orioles six times during his career.