CWB forecasts heavy rain to hit north Taiwan today

The China Post news staff– With a front moving southward after arriving in northern Taiwan at noon yesterday, there will be rain all around the island today, with instant heavy rainfall likely to be seen island-wide, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast yesterday.

Accordingly, CWB officials reminded local people to take umbrellas with them if they go outdoors today.

The officials said the front edge already brought rainfall to some areas of Taipei and Taoyuan yesterday morning, and showers or thunder showers were seen in central and southern Taiwan yesterday afternoon along with the arrival of the front.

As a result, temperatures dropped to around 25 degrees Celsius in the afternoon from a high of 32-33 degrees before the arrival of the front in the morning.

Along with the southward movement of the front, showers, thunder showers or even instant heavy rainfall will be witnessed around the island today, and some areas may see a substantial amount of rainfall.

CWB officials forecast this round of heavy rain will gradually move away from Taiwan starting tomorrow morning, with rainfall to ease in northern Taiwan and weather conditions to become stable in central and southern Taiwan.