Congressmen urge US to resume diplomatic relations with Taiwan


WASHINGTON–Three U.S. congressmen have called on the government to recognize Taiwan as an independent and sovereign nation and to resume diplomatic ties with the country, a Taiwanese lobbyist group said.

House members Michael McCaul, Robert Andrews and Sam Johnson called for an end to Washington’s “one China” policy in a concurrent resolution, and urged the Obama administration to re-establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan, the Washington-headquartered Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), a pro-independence overseas Taiwanese group, said in a press release.

Instead of continuing with the current policy, under which the U.S. considers Taiwan to be part of China, a “one China, one Taiwan” concept was proposed by McCaul.

“The people of Taiwan have never been under the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China, which continues to illegitimately claim sovereignty over Taiwan. President Obama should recognize this and support a ‘one China, one Taiwan’ policy that gives legitimacy to our Taiwanese friends and partners,” he said.

The legislation also calls U.S. policy “obsolete,” saying that it “does not reflect the obvious reality that Taiwan has functioned as an independent and sovereign country for over half a century.”

Taiwan, which the congressmen described as a long-time trusted ally, “does not deserve to be associated with bad actors such as Bhutan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea,” which are the only nations with which the U.S. does not have formal diplomatic ties besides Taiwan.