Cross-strait relations to see further improvement: SEF


TAIPEI–Taiwan will continue improving its relations with China based on a “three unchanged, four increases” principle, Kao Koong-lian, deputy chairman of the Taipei-based Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), said yesterday.

The “three unchanged” refers to “the unchanged constitutional foundation of the Republic of China, the unchanged position of safeguarding Taiwan’s sovereignty and the unchanged pursuit of happiness for the Taiwanese people,” Kao said at a legislative committee meeting held to discuss the potential influence on Taiwan of China’s upcoming top leadership change.

He further elaborated that the “four increases” refers to “the increase of mutual trust between Taiwan and China, the increase of the benefits of peaceful development, the increase of regional economic integration, and the increase of internal consensus among the people of Taiwan.”

According to Kao, China has held a “peaceful development” approach toward Taiwan ever since the Communist Party of China convened its 16th national congress in 2002.

China’s upcoming 18th National People’s Congress could possibly be postponed amid internal debate over the size and makeup of what some describe as the country’s top decision making body, according to Reuters.