Sixth graders made porn video at Mexican school


MEXICO CITY — Authorities in Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Campeche said Wednesday they are investigating how a porn video was made by sixth-graders inside their school.

State Education Department spokesman Omar Kantun said the video was apparently made in an empty classroom during recess in late April.

“The Education Department is very concerned,” Kantun said.

Kantun said an investigation is being conducted by his department and the teachers union to determine whether any adults were involved. He said the video had since been taken down.

Kantun said no disciplinary action has been taken as of yet, and the students involved are being given psychological counseling.

The incident occurred in late April at a grade school in the town of Calkini, which is in a relatively conservative and heavily Indian area. Three boys are seen on the video engaging in oral and anal sex recorded on a cellphone by a fourth person, apparently another student.