Excrement-pouring students need counseling not expulsion: councilor

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The Taipei City Government Department of Education said yesterday the secondary school the two students who poured excrement on the heads of homeless people attended should have counseled rather than expel them.

Two students from Qiang Shu High School (強恕高中) were expelled for having conducted disorderly actions that were damaging to the school’s reputation, officials from the schools decided at a provisional meeting on Sunday.

Taipei City Councilor Wang Hong-wei (王鴻薇) disagreed with the school’s decision, saying that although the students’ behavior should be condemned, expelling them within just a few days seems to be against the philosophy of education.

Echoing similar sentiments, head of the Taipei City Government’s Education Department Ding Ya-wen (丁亞雯) said yesterday that according to legal regulations, the school cannot expel students as a punishment. It should educate the students through counseling sessions, or perhaps order then to transfer to other schools, he said.

Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-bin (郝龍斌) said yesterday that he contacted the Taipei City Government Department of Social Welfare (社會局) and the Department of Education as soon as the case came to public attention, and asked that the two students and the homeless people affected by the incident be counseled.

Also, the government will have to reflect on how to improve on facilitating the homeless, Hau said. Regarding the governmental officials’ concern, principal of Qiang Shu Tsai Chiu-ho (蔡秋河) said yesterday that expelling the student was a warning to them. The school will over 20 days observe the students to determine their sincerity of their apology to the homeless people. If their behavior is up to standards, the school will reevaluate the expulsion.