Woman narrowly escapes swindling skill of con ring

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–A woman in Pingtung County of southern Taiwan yesterday had a narrow escape from delivering a large sum of money to a con ring allegedly utilizing a new tactic to swindle money from victims, according to the Pingtung Police Precinct. The woman, surnamed Chou, 51, recently received a call from a man claiming to have kidnapped her son and husband and asked for ransom. To gain Chou trust that her love ones were indeed kidnapped, the fraudster (who apparently had access to the victim family’s personal details) applied to telecom carriers to have the son’s and husband’s mobile services suspended. Unable to reach her family, she obeyed to fraudster and went to a bank to withdraw NT$480,000 as ransom. Still talking to the fraudster via cellphone, she handed a slip of paper written with “SOS” to a bank clerk but did not without answer any of the clerk’s questions. The clerk called the police for help.

When two policemen arrived at the bank, Chou still talking through the mobile phone, and declined to tell the police what happened to her. After hearing clerk’s explanations, the police judged that Chou to be involved in a con case and stopped Chou’s cash withdrawal.

Still believing her son and husband to be in danger, Chou threatened to hold the police responsible for anything bad happening to her family before rushing out to try raise cash by other means, including borrowing from underground lenders. The two police officers followed but were barely able to hold Chou. Fortunately for Chou, her husband happened to pass by the bank at that precise moment. Only then did Chou realized she was a victim of a fraud case but not of kidnapping.