Gov’t to certify hospitable B&Bs

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The Tourism Bureau issued the “hospitable B&B” (好客民宿) certification to 323 local bed and breakfast lodgings yesterday, officially introducing Taiwanese hospitality to the world through the certification. According to the Tourism Bureau, as of the end of April, Taiwan has over 3,700 B&Bs: 3,343 of which are legal, while a good 390 are not under registered with the government. Many visitors to Taiwan, including those from mainland China, Southeast Asia, and a few from Europe and America, prefer to lodge at B&Bs for the great variety in their management and styles, the Bureau said.

The Bureau has been promoting the “hospitable B&B” certification since mid-2011. A total of 711 legal B&Bs registered for the training classes. After the training, a total of 391 B&Bs applied for the certification, passing both self-evaluations and examinations from local governments. A total of 323 B&Bs passed the final review process and were yesterday accredited the hospitality certificate. Seeing how the number of foreign visitors to Taiwan is continuously growing, Taiwan’s tourism quality should also grow, according to Chief Secretary of the Tourism Bureau Chang Hsi-tsung (張錫聰). “Good quality is defined as when customers are satisfied,” Chang said. According to surveys the Tourism Bureau has conducted, the “human touch” — the hospitality and passion visitors observe and favor in Taiwanese hosts — is the advantage Taiwanese B&Bs celebrate. The “hospitable B&B” certification should serve to further establish and promote the image of Taiwan’s B&Bs, bringing the industry to an international level, Chang said.

The certificate is only valid for three years. During these years, information about the B&B will be introduced to the public through various Tourism Bureau publications, promoted along with various tourism routes and locations recommended by the government.