MOE highlights inventions of technology universities


TAIPEI–A gas mask made with the use of nano-gold catalyst technology was among 12 new inventions unveiled by the Ministry of Education (MOE) yesterday to highlight the results of research and development cooperation projects among nine technology colleges.

The nano mask, which can convert a poisonous gas into a harmless one, was invented by a team led by Su Chao-chin, an associate professor at the National Taipei Technology University Department of Molecular Science and Engineering.

Su said the nano-gold catalyst used in the mask was obtained from gold wires in recycled electronic products and then processed into catalysts, which is known as nano-gold technology.

The technology can transform poisonous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, which means the mask is suitable for use by motorcyclists on the road or by firefighters, Su explained at a press conference.

The mask is patented and will be commercialized as a gas mask in the future, Su added.

Other inventions include the nation’s first air pollution detecting drone designed by a Fooyin University professor Char Jir-ming.