Denying labor leave could lead to serious fines: gov’t


TAIPEI — Employers could be fined heavily for denying pregnant workers leave, the Council of Labor Affairs warned yesterday, after it was reported this week that a bank employee had suffered a miscarriage as a result of not being allowed to take time off. The fines for such actions could range from NT$20,000 (US$675.84) to NT$300,000, the council said, citing the Act of Gender Equality in Employment. The act stipulates that pregnant workers are entitled to paid leave before their due date, once a doctor deems that the woman needs rest, the CLA said. The council issued the warning after a First Bank employee surnamed Wang reported at a press conference Monday that her employer had refused to grant her leave when she became ill in the fifth month of pregnancy. As a result, Wang said, she suffered internal hemorrhage and lost the baby. In response, the bank said it was an isolated case which is now under internal investigation.