Local fans go out of their minds as Lady Gaga takes Taiwan by storm


TAIPEI–For two days in a row, American pop diva Lady Gaga took her fans by storm at concerts in Taipei, despite local media reports claiming attendance levels were lower than expected because of expensive ticket prices.

As in her concert on Thursday, Lady Gaga kicked off her second and last concert in Taipei on Friday night with “Highway Unicorn,” entering onto a 25-meter tall Gothic style stage astride a black horse.

Throughout the show, the costume chameleon made a dozen wardrobe changes, including an alien outfit, a skirt shaped like an origami paper crane, a headdress featuring the Statue of Liberty and her famous “meat dress.”

Over a course of two hours, the star reeled out more than 20 songs from her albums, such as hits “Bad Romance,” “Poker Face,” “Just Dance” and “Born This Way,” electrifying her “little monsters,” who waved thousands of pink glow sticks in the dark and held placards that said “Love You.”

“We do this show because we want the whole world to know it’s OK to be yourself, right?” Lady Gaga said to a cheering crowd.

“I feel really honored to be your pop singer, and I hope you know how much I love you and how much I care about what you want,” Lady Gaga spoke sentimentally while playing her keyboard to the song “Hair” on a big motorcycle with a Republic of China flag hung on the back.

The two concerts, held at the Nangang Exhibition Hall, were a promise Lady Gaga made to her fans in Taiwan after a free mini-concert she gave in Taichung last July during her first trip to the country.

Her visit was part of her Asia tour “The Born This Way Ball,” which also includes stops in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.

Local media have had opposing views over the concerts, observing that one of the most celebrated elements of the tour, the “monster pit,” was absent from the Taipei concerts.

The “monster pit” is a pit surrounded by a horseshoe shaped catwalk that is reserved for fans who have queued the longest to see their star.

Ticket sales have also been reported to be lower than expected due to expensive pricing. The most expensive tickets were priced at NT$12,800 (US$432.52), more expensive than any other Lady Gaga concert in Asia.

Organizers declined to reveal the status of the ticket sales, but two hours before the concert on Friday, Kham Ticket’s online ticketing system showed that there were still 900 tickets available in the medium price range, and that the areas in front of the stage were also less than full when the show began.

Tickets were sold at seven different prices, ranging from NT$1,800 to NT$12,800.

Tiffany Liu, 28, said she wouldn’t have come if it were not for the free tickets she received. “It’s too expensive. A ticket for the pit costs only NT$4,500 for a Super Junior (South Korean boy band) show, but its NT$8,800 and above here.”

However, expensive tickets did not seem to quench the passion of some other fans.

Enrico Lu, 43, came to the concert with his wife and their two sons, aged 6 and 11.