Ma makes minor changes to Cabinet lineup

The China Post news staff

President Ma Ying-jeou yesterday made minor adjustments to the Cabinet lineup, appointing a new government spokesman and a new head in charge of U.S. affairs. Hu Yu-wei will be the Cabinet’s spokesman, and David Lee the head of the Coordination Council for North American Affairs starting from today, according to the Presidential Office. Lung Ying-tai, who had been confirmed earlier this year to be the first culture minister, will officially join the Cabinet team headed by Premier Sean Chen today.

Most other Cabinet members who recently resigned en masse ahead of the president’s inauguration to a second term have been reinstated, the office said. There is one exception: Minister without Portfolio Chang Chin-fu’s resignation has not been reinstated and no replacement has yet to be appointed. Several new deputy ministers were named:

— Chang Yun-cheng and Lin Chin-tien for the Ministry of Culture — Wu Chi-ming for the Council for Economic Development and Planning

— Mao Chung-yuan and Sun Yi-han for the National Science Council

— Chen Wen-teh for the Council of Agriculture — Chen Chun-ching for the Public Construction Commission — Hung Liang-chuan for the Council of Indigenous Peoples