Local hospitality impresses Chinese individual traveler


BEIJING–A Chinese woman from Tianjin praised the hospitality of Taiwanese people and their patience in helping her out during a trip to Taiwan as an individual traveler in early May, a Tianjin-based newspaper reported yesterday.

The woman, surnamed Zhao, was among the first residents of the city to travel to Taiwan without joining a tour group since Taiwan opened its doors to individual tourists from Tianjin on April 28.

According to the Tianjin Metro Express, Zhao said her trip to Taiwan went really well. There were no barriers when asking for directions because most Taiwanese people speak Mandarin Chinese, and they were very patient and welcoming to Chinese tourists, she was cited as saying.

During the trip, Zhao toured the National Palace Museum, the Shilin Official Residence, the Taipei 101 building in Taipei and renowned scenic areas such as Sun Moon Lake and the mountain resort of Alishan.