Nissan fined for failing to provide info about airbags


TAIPEI — Nissan Motor Corp.’s Taiwan sales arm has been fined NT$750,000 (US$25,380) for failing to provide sufficient information about the six airbags that are standard in its Rogue model, the Fair Trade Commission said yesterday.

The commission, which conducted tests on the model, said that three out of the six airbags do not work under some circumstances, which the company failed to mention in its advertising, said Sun Lih-chyun, a spokesman for the commission.

In response, Nissan Taiwan pointed out that the design of airbags, which is included in the vehicle’s Supplemental Restraint System, is in compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard in the United States.

The pressure sensor that activates the airbags will be switched off if no-one is sitting in the passenger seat, or if the passenger is under a certain weight or is sitting in the wrong position. The sensor is also designed to stay off if a child safety seat is being used, the company said.