Taoyuan man murders, robs neighbor of NT$50

The China Post news staff

Taoyuan police yesterday captured a man surnamed Huang who murdered his neighbor, a female high school teacher surnamed Lin. Huang also robbed Lin of her belongings, collecting just NT$50 in cash.

Huang, aged 21, had been jailed before for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in 2006. Released in 2009, Huang had been having a hard time finding jobs and, lacking money, decided on May 20 to rob anyone he could find, according to reports. Lin so happened to walk past Huang in the basement floor of a residential community that day.

Huang robbed Lin of her two purses and cellphone, but all the money he found was a single NT$50 coin. Huang did not cover his face during the act and worried that Lin would recognize him; therefore, he strangled Lin with his bare hands and pushed her into the building’s septic tank, believing she was already dead.

The police discovered Lin’s body in the septic tank and tracked Huang using footage from the surveillance cameras. Investigators first interviewed community residents, as the grounds are inaccessible to non-residents. Huang was easily identified by his black T-shirt that said “ROCK.”

Huang has been sent to the prosecutors office on charges of robbery and murder which is punishable by death. Whether Lin had died prior to being dropped into the septic tank is still under investigation.