Yunlin police complete epic journey to return lost phone

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–After going through great hassle, an Yunlin police officer yesterday faithfully returned a lost iPhone found in Penghu, yielding great praise from local residents. Police officers are good at utilizing resources and returning lost cellphones, residents of Yunlin’s Huwei Township (虎尾) said yesterday, after a man presented to the Huwei Police Office a lost iPhone he found on a brief visit to Penghu, during which he did not have time to send the phone to the local police. After failing to turn on the phone, one officer inserted the lost phone’s SIM card into his own phone, searched through the stored contact numbers and eventually got through to the owner, a Kaohsiung woman surnamed Chiu who lost the phone while in Penghu on her honeymoon.

With Chiu unable to visit the Huwei Police Office to collect her iPhone any time soon, the police officer decided to send the phone through a convenience store express delivery service. Chiu received her phone in Penghu within a few days, and expressed deep gratitude to the Huwei police for helping keep up her good spirits after her honeymoon.

Police officers deal with lost and found cases with great empathy, the Huwei Police Office said, expressing appreciation for the public’s positive reaction to the local police’s ability to put resources to good use.