Science council promises to review funding system


TAIPEI–Cyrus C.Y. Chu, head of the National Science Council (NSC), said Monday his council will review its procedures for disbursing research grants, in response to recent reports of professors allegedly using fake invoices to claim such funds.

The council asked all universities in April to adhere to a standard procedure for claiming research funds, Chu told reporters prior to a legislative report on the effects of and abuses in academic funding. University accountants will have to present written reports stating whether NSC funds can be claimed for an item, and if there are any doubts, the heads of the institutions will have to make the call, Chu said.

If the heads of institutions are unable to decide, they should consult the funding agency, he added.

If all else fails but the spending is justified, the council should make improvements to the system, Chu said, promising that this would be done in the shortest possible time.