Ministry launches nationwide crackdown on drunk drivers

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–Interior Minister Lee Hong-yuan stressed yesterday that his ministry will move to launch a powerful nationwide crackdown on drunk driving to minimize the recurrence of fatal traffic accidents caused by the dangerous act.

Lee made the remarks while facing reporters prior to delivering a dedicated report on the issue at the Interior Affairs Committee session of the Legislative Yuan. Lee said cracking down on drunk driving is just a passive way to reduce such a practice, and the positive way is to revive the social consciousness of local people and inspire them not to engage in drunk driving.

Asked to answer whether “preventive detention” of drunk drivers can work well to curb drunk driving, Lee said if the government announces the enforcement of such a policy, the statement would be powerful enough to effectively warn people not to drive after drinking lest they should be detained.

In line with Minister Lee’s tough stance on attacking drunk driving, the National Police Agency (NPA) under the Ministry of the Interior yesterday instructed all police stations in the nation to strictly crack down on drunk drivers starting today.

In fact, the NPA on June 1 already directed the police departments of the five municipalities and Taoyuan County to kick off a two-week intensive crackdown campaign against drunk driving, which began last night.

Ho Hai-min, deputy director-general of the NPA, said that the NPA has asked all the county and city police departments to work out regional crackdown networks, and set up interception and examination points on key traffic routes during specific hours.

Meanwhile, NPA officials also stressed that when enforcing the crackdowns, the police will adopt a “pocketing strategy” to prevent drunk drivers from making detours or driving into lanes to avoid alcohol tests. To this end, police will be deployed at possible entrances of lanes or roads which drunk drivers may try to detour.

The officials added that from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m., crackdowns on drunk driving will be reinforced.