Sexual offenders’ institute will be safer than prison: Justice Ministry

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–The compulsory treatment institute for sexual assaulters that is to be built near the Taichung Prison will be equipped with an electronic security system that is even more high tech than that of the prison itself, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) announced, yesterday, while communicating with local residents opposed to the idea of the establishment of such institutes in their neighborhood. In response to the Taichung residents who expressed strong opposition against the establishment of the compulsory treatment institute for sexual assaulters, the MOJ held another explanatory session in the area, yesterday. Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu (胡志強) thanked the MOJ for respecting the public’s protest and halting the construction process of the institute.

Hu explained that a local living near Taichung Prison had written him letter explaining that when ex-convicts are released from the prison, they usually go around the neighborhood asking frightened residents for loans. Therefore, if the compulsory treatment institute (for sexual assaulters) were to be built within the same area, it would only exacerbate local problems. After learning of this, Hu said he wished the MOJ had done more to communicate. The compulsory treatment institute will have security measures higher than that of the prison, Hsin Meng-nan (辛孟南), deputy warden of the Taichung Prison, explained during the meeting with local residents yesterday. Hsin promised to faithfully present the public’s opinions to the MOJ before any further decisions were made. Participants of the meeting included legislators, city consolers, local governmental staff, Taichung Prison staff and local residents.