Diver spots bull shark off the shore of Kenting

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–A bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas) was allegedly spotted off the shores of the Number Three Nuclear Power Plant (核第三廠) by a diver on Sunday, alarming coastguardsmen and shore officials. The shark was about 60 centimeters long, according to the diver’s description.

The diver said she saw the shark while diving a few meters away from the land but she couldn’t be sure if it was a shark.

Tsai Yung-chun(蔡永春), who has owned a diving business for 30 years in Hengchun (恆春) notes that this might be the same bull shark he’d seen in April off the shore of Hengchun Township. He says that bull sharks usually don’t appear near Kenting. In the past 10 years, he’s only seen bull sharks twice near Maobitou, said Tsai. Tsai said that usually shark attacks occur from sharks mistaking the fin of the surfboard as another shark.

This is the second time a bull shark appeared on the shores of Hengchun Township, according to media reports. Kenting National Park sent out safety officials on jet skis to the power plant for the safety of tourists, after reports of the shark spotting.

Chief of Conservation Research Section of Kenting National Park, Ma Shie-qun reported that no sign of sharks were seen, but if any unknown species are spotted they must be reported to authorities. He added that the sea patrols have been notified to stay fully alert of any movements out of the norm.

Ma said the bull shark was seen away from the South Bay, so visitors can fully enjoy their time there.