Mainland will not place priority on cross-strait agenda: US scholar


TAIPEI–China’s leaders are currently preoccupied with a series of internal issues and do not see cross-Taiwan Strait politics as a high priority at present, the Voice of America (VOA) quoted a U.S. scholar as saying Tuesday.

Doug Guthrine, dean of the George Washington University School of Business, also said that as long as Taiwan does not cross China’s bottom line — no declaration of independence — the issue will remain non-urgent for Beijing. He was responding to questions about whether China would pressure Taiwan to hold political talks during the second term of President Ma Ying jeou at a Taiwan forum held at the university Tuesday.

The professor said that China’s economic offensive toward Taiwan is similar in nature to its massive buying of U.S. Treasury bonds.

The U.S. bonds are no longer the best bonds in the world, but China continues to buy them to serve as political leverage over the U.S., he explained.

The use of economic might to cement cross-strait relations has been the most successful strategy China has adopted toward Taiwan, the VOA quoted him as saying.