Job vacancy rate decreases 0.52% in February year-on-year: survey


TAIPEI — The job vacancy rate in Taiwan was 2.84 percent in February, down 0.52 percentage points from the year-earlier level, due to the economic slowdown, according to the results of a biannual survey released yesterday. There were 201,923 job vacancies in the industrial and service sectors as of the end of February, a decrease of 33,000 from the same time last year, the survey conducted by the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics shows.

Compared with August 2011, however, the number of vacancies and the vacancy rate represented an increase of 11,000 and 0.14 percentage points, respectively.

The manufacturing industry accounted for 84,017, or 41.6 percent, of the vacancies in February. The wholesale and retail industries accounted for 36,879, or 18.3 percent, while the financial and insurance industries accounted for 12,765, or 6.3 percent.