Taiwanese egg ‘stands’ break Guinness record


TAIPEI — A total of 4,247 eggs successfully “stood up” in Hsinchu City, northern Taiwan on Saturday, as part of a tradition during the Dragon Boat Festival, breaking the Guinness record set in 2005 in southern Taiwan.

As many as 5,500 people were brought together by the Hsinchu City Government at an “egg standing” event, where they tried to balance eggs at the same time.

According to folk culture, it is believed that a person will have a year of good luck if he or she can balance an egg upright on a table or on the ground at noon on the day of the festival.

The festival, celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar, fell on Saturday June 23 this year.

Hsinchu City Mayor Hsu Ming-tsai cheered with the participants when Guinness World Records Adjudicator Blythe Fitzwiliam announced that the attempt broke the previous record set in Chiayi County in which 1,972 eggs were stood up successfully.

The organizer of the event distributed one tile and one raw egg to each person at the Hsinchu Municipal Stadium. Participants had to balance their own eggs within 60 seconds of counting.