Agricultural losses top NT$1.1 billion in June after days of torrential rain


TAIPEI — Agricultural losses in June topped NT$1.1 billion (US$36.8 million) as a result of days of torrential rain during the month, according to government statistics released Friday.

Crop losses accounted for most of the losses at NT$788.4 million. Among the types of produce damaged by the flooding, rice suffered the most heavily, with losses of over NT$222.8 million, followed by seasonable fruit such as papayas, watermelons and grapes. Next on the list of losses was fishery facility damage, totaling NT$157.3 million, and inundated fields, which totaled NT$108.9 million, according to the Council of Agriculture.

Losses in the aquaculture sector were also heavy, amounting to NT$49.7 million, with oyster farmers in the southern county of Chiayi the worst affected.

Livestock losses were mostly concentrated in the northern county of Taoyuan, where losses in that sector totaled NT$12.3 million.