10% still jobless one year after graduation: survey


TAIPEI–More than 50 percent of those who graduated in the summer of 2009 were employed one year after leaving college, although some 10 percent were still unemployed, according to the results of a poll published Sunday.

Among the 2009 graduates, 51.7 percent were employed one year after graduation, while 10.2 percent were unemployed, 7.5 percent were not seeking jobs, 24.1 percent were continuing with higher education, 5.4 percent were serving their compulsory military service, the poll shows.

The poll, conducted by the Center for Educational Research and Evaluation at National Taiwan Normal University, noted that among the 2009 graduates, the unemployed rate one year after graduating had dropped from 13.9 percent among those who graduated in 2007.

It also noted that the number of those who were not seeking jobs had grown from the 4.7 percent recorded in 2007.