Taiwan’s digital content industry to grow larger on mobile apps


TAIPEI — Taiwan’s digital content industry will grow larger next year as it moves toward integrating mobile applications, an economics official said yesterday at the Taipei International Digital Content Summit. Industrial Development Bureau Director-General Shen Jung-chin said that the output value of the country’s digital content industry totaled NT$600.3 billion last year, up 14.89 percent from the NT$522.5 billion in 2010. The figure is expected to grow higher to NT$780 billion in 2013 as Taiwanese companies are tapping into the worldwide mobile app supply chain, he said.

“With the rapid development of the digital content market, the boundary of each sector will blur and move toward integration,” Shen said in a speech at the event.

“Taiwan will gradually integrate mobile apps with electronic learning and entertainment in the form of games, animation, music, videos and e-books,” he added.

To assist Taiwanese businesses integrating into the worldwide app market supply chain, Shen said his bureau established the App Incubation Center in October 2011.

The center now works hand-in-hand with domestic companies to build a perfect environment for industrial development, hoping to make Taiwan the center for Chinese-language app creations by producing 20,000 apps each year, he noted.

In 2011, the output value of Taiwan’s digital gaming industry increased only 3.36 percent from 2010 to NT$43.62 billion due to the highly competitive market condition, according to the bureau.

The output value of Taiwan’s electronic publication and digital archives reached NT$71.6 billion last year, up 45.23 percent from 2010, it added.