Armaments Bureau head ‘visits’ US Army

By Joseph Yeh, The China Post

The director-general of the Armaments Bureau recently launched its annual tour of the United States to promote bilateral exchange and military cooperation, the Ministry of National Defense (MND) said yesterday. Military spokesman Luo Shou-he said yesterday that Lieutenant General Chin Shou-fong (金壽豐) led a delegation on a regular trip to the United States to discuss military exchanges between the two countries. But he did not give further details about the tour. Luo made the comments in response to a Chinese-language report yesterday that quoted a U.S. Army official website publicizing Chin’s tour to the United States last month. The U.S. Army’s press release on Chin’s tour was reportedly a “rare move” since Taiwan-U.S. bilateral military exchanges have always been conducted in a low-profile fashion, the United Daily News said yesterday. According to the U.S. Army, Chin and his 10-man team were briefed by Dale Ormond, director of U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM) on June 18 during the Taiwanese military officials’ visit to RDECOM located at a U.S. military site near Aberdeen, Maryland. The meeting was held “to discuss opportunities for partnerships in military research and development,” according to the press release.

Ormond also briefed Chin and his team on RDECOM’s initiatives to maintain the United States’ status in the fields of science and technology. The 10 Taiwanese military officials also visited the Aberdeen Test Center and Army Research Laboratory.

They continued their four-day U.S. trip with visits to Washington, D.C., and Dayton, Ohio to meet U.S. Navy and Air Force officials, it noted.