Taiwan High Speed Rail to open three new stops by 2015

The China Post news staff

Taiwan High Speed Rail announced yesterday that by July 2015 the company will open three more stops in Miaoli, Changhua, and Yunlin Counties.

The announcement was made after the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) ratified the analysis report on the environmental impact of the Changhua and Miaoli stations submitted by the company. The Yunlin station passed an assessment last month. Including the Nangang station, which will be opened by Jan. 2015, the railway company is going to open four more stations by July 2015. Nangang station will replace Taipei Main Station to be the first stop for trains that stop at every station. The company estimated that each train has to spend 7 minutes at each station. Thus, with the increase of four stops, it will take approximately 30 additional minutes to reach Kaohsiung from Taipei. The railway company stated that it might adjust its service and the number of stations at which its trains stop based on the demand of customers and its capabilities, allowing customers to choose trains that best suit their needs. The railway company stated that it will use lots of plants and greenery in its Changhua station, offering its customers a natural and refreshing environment. According to the EPA, the railway company cannot grow plants of foreign species in Miaoli and Changhua stations. Its Miaoli station has to obtain at least a silver level green architecture license within six months after the company has the construction permit. In terms of Miaoli station, Taiwan High Speed Rail also has to come up with thorough plans for monitoring the condition of air, water and underground noise.