Taipei seizes soda with false expiration labeling


TAIPEI — Investigators in Taipei seized 10,728 cans of soda with false expiration dates during an inspection of a trading company on Wednesday, the Shilin District Prosecutors Office said.

Over 8,400 cans of A&W Diet Root Beer, 7UP and Diet 7UP are believed to have entered the market with expiration dates that have already past or are soon approaching, the office said.

The soft drinks have reached the shelves of supermarkets at several department store chains, including Pacific Sogo, Breeze Center and Dayeh Takashiyama, prosecutors said.

The company allegedly forged labels with false expiration dates in an attempt to bilk downstream sellers and consumers, according to the investigators.

The case was first reported to the Taipei City Health Department July 9. The department later found that the sodas had been supplied by a company that has a warehouse in New Taipei City.