Venezuelan diplomat held in embassy murder probe


NAIROBI — Kenyan police have arrested a Venezuelan diplomat over the killing of the Venezuelan charge d’affaires in her official residence, the High Court heard on Monday. Venezuela’s acting ambassador and charge d’affaires, Olga Fonseca, was found dead in her official residence on Friday. Police said she had been strangled but the motive was unclear. Dwight Sagaray, first secretary at the Venezuelan Embassy, was arrested on Saturday and Kenyan police applied to a court on Monday to hold him in custody for a further 14 days. “The suspect was arrested by the police after his diplomatic immunity was waived,” deputy prosecutor Tabitha Ouya told the court. Sagaray, wearing a yellow and green baseball jacket, appeared composed and other embassy officials observed the proceedings.

Two Kenyan security guards who were guarding Fonseca’s residence at the time of her death were charged in a separate court with failing to stop her killing.