Taxi driver to pay NT$12.08 mil. over accident

The China Post news staff

The China Post news staff–A taxi driver was recently ordered by the Supreme Court to pay compensation of up to NT$12.08 million to a scooter rider for causing her to become a quadriplegic in an accident caused by his misconduct — allowing a passenger to get off without parking by the roadside. The Supreme Court finalized the ruling against the driver, surnamed Kuo, by upholding a ruling issued early this year by the Taiwan High Court that Kuo should assume all responsibility for the female scooter rider suffer quadriplegia in an accident that happened two years ago in the Tucheng District of New Taipei.

The accident occurred around midnight of July 7, 2010, off Lide Street. When Kuo’s passenger wanted to exit the taxi, Kuo neither parked at the roadside nor reminded the passenger to be aware of any vehicle coming from behind when opening the door to leave. As a result, the passenger quickly opened the door without noticing a scooter coming from behind, causing it to slam against the door and causing the rider, surnamed Hsu, fall to the ground along with her scooter and become a quadriplegic as a result.

The female passenger was already gone after the police arrived to handle the accident , leaving Kuo to assume all the responsibility for Hsu’s injuries. Kuo was sentenced by a district court to seven months in jail, and was demanded by Hsu to make a compensation of NT$30 million. In January this year, the Taiwan High Court also ruled against Kuo and demanded him to make a compensation payment of NT$12.08 million to Hsu, on grounds that Kuo failed to park his taxi at the roadside when his passenger got off and that he also failed to offer any evidence to demonstrate Hsu’s misconduct in the accident.

Kuo later appealed to the Supreme Court against the High Court ruling, but the appeal was rejected by the Supreme Court recently, making Kuo have to honor the compensation of NT$12.08 million to Hsu.