Despite occasional odor, Taiwan is special

by Alex Backfisch

Living in Taiwan as a foreigner is quite a unique and fun experience, ranging from having random strangers coming up to you for a picture even though you aren’t really famous to the fact that Chinese people always seem to think that you aren’t able to speak Chinese at all which is quite fun sometimes.

Coming from an outsider’s point of view, Taiwan is actually a really fun place. It can be said that Taiwan is the island that never sleeps; there are night markets and stores that are open 24 hours a day which you can’t really find in any European country. And unlike other countries, Taiwan treats foreigners differently; we get discounts sometimes at places that locals wouldn’t and are generally treated nicer than foreigners in other countries.

People in Taiwan are very open and nice to foreigners, like myself, who are living here in Taiwan. However the one thing that would probably bug me the most as a foreigner is all of the burning of incense on the streets. I understand that its part of the whole culture, but in another way the smell is almost unbearable. The food in Taiwan is however my favorite, ranging from pearl milk tea to pig intestines and pig ears; that stuff just tastes amazing. However stinky tofu on the other hand is not something I personally would enjoy eating. I know that many Chinese people love that stuff, but for me personally the smell is just unbearable. However as a person who has lived in Taiwan for quite some time now I can say that Taiwan is a place that is very fun to live in, very welcoming and just a place that I would love to stay in for a longer period of time, therefore as a foreigner if you haven’t visited Taiwan yet, put that on your to do list.