One reader’s savior after a long day’s work

By Jane Chiu

Dear Editor, I have known The China Post since my college years. From my perspective, its reading level is between Newsweek and Time, and this is the first reason I chose to read this paper. As time goes by, I found it became my “final savior” after a long day’s work. Sometimes, I also provide your editorials to my students and share with them my opinions on the topics of the day. This can serve as an excellent tool for education. Since my pupils are all college students and graduates, they are always fixated on current global issues/events. The China Post helps to satisfy both their educational and social desires. Reading The China Post has become part my daily schedule, and sometimes when I am out of town it is harder for me to get a copy, such as when I am in Hualien County. Two years ago, I invited my mentor from the U.S. to come to Taiwan as a visiting scholar and he stayed here for a week. Every morning, I would offer him a cup of coffee and a copy of The China Post. One day, we had breakfast together, and he raised a very interesting question: “Why don’t I see any local sports activities in this newspaper?” I could not answer the question. Maybe you can answer that for me.

Sincerely, Jane Chiu Jane Chiu teaches in the Dept. of EPSY & Counseling, at National Pingtung University of Education Editor’s note: Our content is designed to serve the demographic group of our readers. Therefore, we primarily focus on the American and European sports that our readers in Taiwan’s foreign community are familiar with. Thank you.