Asia’s biggest cruise liner to make Taiwan port call


TAIPEI–Asia’s biggest luxury cruise ship, Voyager of the Seas, is scheduled to dock at Keelung Port in northern Taiwan today along with various other cruise ships, which will set a record for daily cruise ship traffic in Taiwan’s seaports, according to a transport official.

The ship, operated by the U.S. based Royal Caribbean Cruises, will bring 1,600 passengers to Keelung from Shanghai, said Keelung Port Vice Manager Wei Shuo-liang.

The 140,000-ton ship will later take 3,800 local tourists to Fukuoka in Japan and Jeju Island in South Korea, Wei said.

Since the port will also host other cruise liners, including the SuperStar Aquarius, some 10,000 tourists will arrive in the country through the port, making it Keelung’s busiest day, he said.

“It will also set a record high for daily cruise traffic in all ports in Taiwan,” he added.