Taipei aims for litter-free New Year’s Eve


TAIPEI–The Taipei City government urged people yesterday not to litter during the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration and said additional trash cans will be deployed in the area near Taipei 101 to encourage people to dispose of their garbage properly.

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection said workers will push 36 wheeled trash cans with LED lights in the vicinity of the skyscraper to collect garage.

Another 240 fixed trashcans, also with lights attached so they can be spotted easily, are in place in 60 different locations around City Hall, the city said.

People can simply follow the lights to know where to throw out their garbage, officials said. City workers will monitor the trashcans and empty them as soon as they fill up so that New Year’s Eve revelers will have a place to throw out their garbage all through the night.

Several student clubs said they will launch a clean-up campaign during and after the year-end celebration and urged people to join their effort.

Last year’s New Year’s Eve celebration left mountains of garbage on the streets. More than 500 cleaners did not finish clearing the streets of waste until about 6 a.m., the department said.