Shift to large-scale LED TV’s the market trend: firms, experts

The China Post News Staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Hon Hai’s recently launched 60-inch large TV is expected to provide an impetus for large-sized light-emitting diode (LED) TV sales in 2013. A transition to similar large sizes is the prevalent trend in LED TV markets, companies and researchers have said.

The Topology Research Institute estimates that in the coming year Apple will also push for iTV’s with 47-inches, 55-inches, and 60 inches all possible, according to the United Evening News.

The 60-inch TV will come out by Christmas 2013 with a primary focus on the North American market. Research institutes estimate that the production value of LED backlit TVs will grow approximately 1-2 percent next year, industry website said.

LED-backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV’s accounted for more than 70 percent of the TV market this year, increasingly edging out cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) backlighting as the preferred configuration, according to local reports. The increase of 1-2 percent in industry value is due to the increased numbers of diodes in a 60-inch TV as compared to a 42-inch, with an average increase of 60-100 percent.

Direct backlight modules use high-output diodes as compared to edge-lit LED modules, thus elevating the individual price of each diode, leading to the slight increase in market value of backlit LED’s, LEDinside cited the company Epistar as saying. This year, 60-inch TV’s are only expected to garner around 2 million in global sales, accounting for a mere 1 percent of TV sales.

However, the expected increase starting in 2013 will reach 14 million in sales volume by 2015, with a market penetration rate of 6 percent, the industry website says. Various institutes estimate backlit TVs in general can expect to see a 40-percent growth in sales, the Shanghai Securities News says. Next year, Samsung and LG will join the fray in the battle over large-sized LED TV markets, the website says.

In China, however, there is some hesitation as to the further expansion of the LED industry. LED devices saw a boom with Samsung’s decision to apply the LED to TVs in 2009, thus coupling more than a hundred individual LEDs for every TV, leading to hundreds of millions in sales, says the website.

However, Wang Dong-lei, chairman of LED producer Elec-Tech International was quoted as saying that over-competition caused the market value of diodes to fall by 20 percent.