Taiwan’s mobile app market has strong potential: TWNIC survey


TAIPEI — Taiwan’s mobile app market still has plenty of room for growth because the number of paid users remains limited, the Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) said recently when presenting the results of an annual survey.

According to the annual survey, 41.97 percent of the respondents said they own smartphones or tablets. Of them, 66.92 percent said they used the devices to download mobile apps.

Among those who have downloaded apps, however, only 19.3 percent have paid for them, compared with 80.7 percent who have only downloaded free apps, the survey found.

Some 30.81 percent of the respondents have downloaded apps priced at between NT$31 (US$1) to NT$60, and 29.25 percent have bought apps of between NT$1 and NT$30, reflecting consumers’ interest in lower-priced apps, the information center said.

Among the most popular types of paid apps, “gaming” ranked at the top of the list, followed by “social networking” and “productivity tools,” the survey found.