Eight candidates in final round of elections for NTU President

The China Post news staff

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Eight candidates are in line for the upcoming National Taiwan University (NTU) presidential election, the NTU announced yesterday.

The NTU said the term of office for current NTU President Lee Si-Chen’s (李嗣涔) will end in June of this year. The NTU President Election Committee started the election process last June.

The NTU, which has so far not revealed the identities of the eight candidates, said they will announce the list of candidates on Feb. 17.

According to local reports, the minister of the National Science Council (NSC), Cyrus Chu (朱敬一), was recommended as a candidate for the NTU presidential election.

The NSC said Chu knew someone had recommended him for candidature but that he has not received an official invitation from the NTU. The NSC said Chu respects the NTU’s election process.

Over a dozen scholars participated in the first-round election in which 21 committee members voted, according to the NTU. Eight candidates reached the final round.

Candidates will publish their strategies for managing the university between February and March.

According to the university, the new NTU president will be selected on March 21 and officially take over the position in June.