Taipei hotel attracting more customers with military-themed rooms


TAIPEI–Business has picked up at a hotel in Taipei since it redesigned some of its rooms to reflect a military theme, according to its project manager.

Since July 2011 when the 206-room Taipei Hero House converted six of its rooms to a military theme, occupancy of the rooms has shot up from 40 percent to between 80 and 90 percent, project manager Yang Wen-fu told CNA in a recent interview.

The rooms are designed to give guests a feel of being in army accommodations, Yang said.

For example, the walls and cabinets are painted green with camouflage patterns and there are photos of Taiwan troops on the walls.

The theme is carried over into the hallway, which is designed to look like the military tunnels on Taiwan’s outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu.

“The revamp was aimed at creating our own uniqueness,” said Yang, whose idea it was to introduce a military-themed design.

For army retirees, this type of accommodation can help bring back fond memories of the time they spent in the military, he said.

This view was confirmed by a retired military official surnamed Liao in an interview on local television.

The military-type rooms served as a reminder of “our deepest memories,” Liao said.

Some 80 percent of the bookings at the hotel in Taipei’s busy Zhongzheng District are by military personnel and retired veterans, Yang said.

The feedback on the hotel’s website indicates that visitors who have stayed there would like to see more rooms of a similar type, according to Yang.

In light of the popularity of the army theme, Yang said, he is planning to redesign other rooms in the hotel to reflect Navy and Air Force accommodations.

Taipei Hero House, previously known for its no-frills accommodation at modest prices, embarked on an interior redecoration two years ago in an effort to improve business.